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Our Strategic Objectives

Safeguard and empower the learning disabled women to lead full and independent lives.

Provide relief of mental and physical distress among women with learning difficulties who have been physically, sexually or emotionally abused and to raise awareness of issues of abuse and violence.

Assert the women with learning difficulties with the understanding of human rights and improve their access to services to exercise those rights.

Enhance their health through educating and teaching them to eat healthy, to live healthy and to adopt healthy lifestyle changes.

Encourage the building of positive and supportive relationships of such women with their families, carers, friends and communities.

Provide peer support networks and consultation events which help them become active members in the community.

Increase the sense of self-expression, confidence and assertiveness among them through training.

Provide support to minority women - lack and Ethnic Minority Groups, older women and lesbians with learning disabilities, to address the additional disadvantages faced by minority communities.

Provide literacy, numeracy and ICT skills so that they are valued equally, can participate fully in their communities and are treated with dignity and respect.

New Initiative : Planning to develop social enterprising at The Powerhouse.