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About UsOur Vision,Mission and Values

Our Vision

To support women with learning disabilities build confidence, skills, peer support and self advocacy which in turn improves health and emotional well being; giving them access to mainstream services.

To provide them with a collective and informed voice that enables them to influence the development of services and work with others to reduce the stigma that surrounds learning disabilities.

To support women with learning disabilities who have experienced abuse by providing them with one to one and group assistance, by raising awareness of the specific incidence, impact of abuse and best practice responses.

Our Mission

To enable women with learning disabilities, particularly those who have experienced abuse, to determine the course of their own lives by working with them to define their individual and group ambition; and to support their meaningful progression towards that ambition.

Our Values

User Participation : Ensuring the involvement of majority of our members at different levels of the organization.

Quality of Service : Providing customized, informative and effective services as well as support along with maintaining their high level of quality too.

Safety and Support : Creating a sanctuary like place where WLD can socialize; where safe transport, support and ground rules for activities are observed.

Equality of Opportunity : Advocacy of equal rights, independence, choice and social inclusion. Addressing the issue of different types of discrimination and establishing an environment of equality in all aspects of services, employment and other opportunities in the organization.

Value for Money : Offering cost effective services by engaging external consultants/trainers as per requirements, working in partnership with key agencies and co-production.

Monitoring and Evaluation : Utilizing both formal and informal monitoring systems to get feedback and thereby to maintain the standards of the services.